Dept. of English

Post Graduate Department of English

Headed by Mr Balasubramaniam, (Balan Master) the Department of English is one of the vibrant departments in LISSAH. The UG & PG Programmes in the English Language offered by the Department of English help those students who have a flair for literature explore the potentials of the English Language in the spheres of local and global communication and appreciate the beauty and charm of its literature.

The complementary course in Journalism and Electronic Media helps the students expand the scope of employability by the acquisition of special skills. In addition, it equips the students with the necessary skills for the pursuit of higher studies in Journalism, Media/Film Studies, and Business & Hospitality Management etc.

Code of Conduct

Timings:- 9.30 AM - 3.30 PM

Uniform is mandatory except for Mondays

Attendance will be strictly monitored.

Less than 75% of attendance in a semester will lead to a shortage of attendance.

Mr Balasubramaniam

(Balan Master)

Assistant Professor

and Head of the Department

Dr Savio James

Assistant Professor

and Academic Advisor

Subin Varghese

Assistant Professor

IQAC Coordinator

Elizabeth OS

Assistant Professor

Shamna E K

Assistant Professor

Alaka Therese Babu

Assistant Professor

Liya K S

Assistant Professor

Chandana Hari

Assistant Professor