Celebrating Shakespeare 457

April 23, World Book Day, is also the death and birth anniversary of the world’s greatest dramatist William Shakespeare. We, the departments of English, LISSAH College and Malabar Christian College plan to celebrate the day by organising a Shakespearean declamation competition and a cartoon competition. Details of the same follow:-

Shakespearean Declamation

The classic plays of William Shakespeare are characterised by memorable lines, influential phrases, and striking images. There are dozens of classic speeches, soliloquies, addresses and asides. We are trying to recreate the essence of Shakespearean skill of creating magic in words through the rhetorical enchantments of the talented orators.

Guidelines to the competition

  • An unedited video should be submitted to the email address mentioned in the confirmation mail sent to you.

  • The Minimum time duration will be 2 Minutes.

  • The Maximum time duration will be 5 Minutes.

  • The competition will be open for all.

  • Your entries are welcome from 23.04.2021 to 27.04.2021, 4 PM.

  • First Prize - 1500/-

  • Second Prize - 750/-

  • Third Prize - 500/-

Cartoon Competition

From the Bakhtinean perspective of Carnivalesque, cartoons are the exaggerated, comic picturisation of events and characters in everyday life where hierarchy and social norms are suspended and subverted. In the backdrop of 15th Legislative assembly election of Kerala, we are conducting a cartoon competition on the theme: ‘Chair and the Leaders’.

Guidelines to the competition

  • Your artistic work should be original and should not hurt the feelings of the general community.

  • Only Shakespearean characters and dialogues should be used.

  • Prescribed texts - Shakespearean Tragedies and Historical Plays

  • The text taken should be mentioned along with the drawings.

  • Simple lined drawing should be employed.

  • A timelapse/video of your drawing should be submitted if and when required.

  • Cartoons should be sent to the official email address which will be informed after the registration.

  • Winners will be announced in the first week of May.

  • The competition will be open for all.

  • Your entries are welcome from 23.04.2021 to 27.04.2021, 4 PM.

  • First prize - 750/-

  • Second Prize - 500/-

  • Third Prize - 250/-


  • A fee of Rs 100/- (For each event) should be paid to 8089370344 (G Pay) and the receipt should be submitted at the time of registration.

  • A confirmation mail will be sent to your registered email address after receiving the payment.

  • All further communications will be only through emails. Kindly enter your valid email address.

  • Click here to register.


1st Priyanka Joy - Christ College, Irinjalakuda

2nd Rosana Mary Jain - Vimala College, Thrissur

3rd Manal Abdul Hameed Mannil - Farook College, Calicut and

Smruthi P Shaji - Malabar Christian College, Calicut




Priyanka Joy

First Prize


Rosana Mary Jain

Second Prize


Manal Abdul Hameed

Third Prize


Smruthi P Shaji

Third Prize


Ms Dilsha K Das

Programme Coordinator

Assistant Professor



+91 9605042069

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Celebrating Shakespeare

The English Department of LISSAH College collaborating with the Department of English, Malabar Christian College conducted a Shakespearean Declamation & Cartoon Competition on April 23, World Book Day. In order to celebrate the death and birth anniversary of the world’s greatest dramatist William Shakespeare, the programme was conducted based on Shakespearean characters and famous soliloquies. The theme for Cartoon Competition was ‘Chair and the Leaders’ as a backdrop to the 15th Legislative assembly election of Kerala. We received applicants from various colleges across Kerala before the deadline of 29th April 2021. The results were declared on May 3rd, 2021 by the eminent panel of judges. The best performer, Priyanka Joy of Christ College Irinjalakuda was awarded the cash prize of 1500/-, Rosan Mary Jain of Vimala College Thrissur bagged the second prize of 750/- and Manal Abdul Hameed Mannil of Farook College and Smruthi P Shaji of Malabar Christian College shared the third prize of 500/ each.