Cry for Freedom

Welcome to the Cry For Freedom essay competition, where we invite UG, PG, and HSS students to express their thoughts on the crucial themes of Freedom, Equality, and Independence. This competition, which will take place on 10th August 2023, Thursday, at 11 AM, aims to encourage participants to unleash their ideas and insights through the medium of English essays. The competition will last for 1.30 hours, during which participants will have the opportunity to delve into these profound subjects and compete for exciting prizes.

Competition Theme

Freedom, Equality, and Independence

Freedom, Equality, and Independence are not merely words; they hold immense significance in shaping societies and individuals. These concepts can have both obscure and ominous implications, depending on how they are perceived and exercised. Participants are encouraged to explore the multifaceted nature of these ideas and present their understanding, analysis, and opinions through their essays. 

Competition Details



The competition is open to students from the following academic levels:


How to Participate

To take part in the competition, interested students must register on our website. Registration will be open until 08.08.2023. Once registered, participants will receive further instructions and guidelines via email.


The results will be announced on 15th August 2023, and winners will be notified via email. The winning essays will also be published on our website to showcase the remarkable ideas and perspectives of the participants.